Developing Mutual Interests

Sharing the Skies

Successful couples have found that spending time together is about having many things in common, and it includes their interests outside of work and home. For those who prefer quiet time, working together on different types of puzzles could be an avenue of escape they share. Others find that creating together in a workshop serves their need to share a hobby, but some find that sharing the skies is an exciting part of their life that helps their bonds grow stronger. They might love to fly planes together, they could take up gliding as a hobby, or they might find the thrill of parachuting suits their personalities perfectly.

Flying Far

For those who love to navigate the skies in a powered craft, learning how to fly planes together could be their dream coming true. Learning how to read weather charts and understand the concepts of ground school could be a time when they help each other, and they might grow closer as they study hard so they can begin their flight training. It can be a whirlwind added to their steady relationship that ignites a new passion between them.

Cooperation as a Team

Ground school is often difficult for those not used to thinking in terms of co-efficiency of drag or how to interpret weather charts. The skills needed to begin being a pilot are exacting, and a couple learning together will need to cooperate if they are to both be successful. Once their actual flight training begins, their cooperation as a team can help them through the rough spots they might encounter.

A Steady Hand

Flying takes a steady hand and stable nerves, and couples have usually learned how to depend upon each other for these qualities in times of stress. They might be able to help each other find their balance as they begin to master the intricacies of maneuvering through thermals, or they could stabilize each other as one of them worries about landing in a strong wind crosswise to their flight path. These qualities as a couple will help them excel in their chosen hobby.