Developing Mutual Interests

The Search for Clues

Many couples have found that solving puzzles together is an interest they share, and modern life has provided them with many opportunities to practice. They might love to hunt through online sites seeking a crossword puzzle, or they might find that sharing books filled with murder mysteries makes them happy. Others might like to navigate mazes, or they could find adventure together in puzzle rooms where escape is their goal. Working together on these puzzles draws them closer even as they approach the solution they have been seeking.

Amazing Mazes

One of the fun outings couples have found in the past few decades involves navigating an area where they are unable to see the overall terrain, and they must find their way through it. There are many different types of amazing mazes in the world today, and some are grown in corn fields while others are walls put up in a tourist attraction. The couple will have to find ways to figure out where they have been so they have the ability to get where they want to go. While they might be a bit disappointed if they find the exit too quickly, they can usually go back through again.

Murder Mysteries

There have been many books written where the author gives readers a series of clues to figure out on their own who committed the crime, and some couples find that reading a chapter and comparing notes is a fun way to spend an evening together. Each of them will have their own guess as to who did it, and they can make up their own reasons why. For those who want to go out for the evening, there are plenty of mystery dinner theaters that specialize in acting out the parts for their enjoyment. Being able to guess who really did it can be a wonderful way to share with each other.

Escape the Room

Puzzle rooms have become popular over the last few decades, and they depend entirely on the people inside cooperating to interpret the clues available. A couple who loves to read mysteries and compare notes could find this is the next step in sharing their passion. Each of them will have to bring their best skills in solving puzzles while trying to escape the room, and they might find they are having so much fun they can consider doing it as part of their weekly date night.

Sharing an interest is one of the best ways a couple can keep their relationship fresh, and those who love to solve puzzles have the added treat of seeing how intelligent their partner is while they work to find the solution. For those who want to be active while they solve, then taking advantage of local mazes and escape rooms is a good way to share their hobby. Others might find they would rather relax and enjoy a show or read a book together, so their passion for solving could be shared at a dinner out or in the comfort of their matching easy chairs right at home.